Fee and commission income and expenses

Accounting policies

Fee and commission income is generally recognized on an accruals basis when the service has been provided. Fee and commission income includes one-off amounts charged by the Group for services not related directly to the creation of loans, advances and other receivables, as well as amounts charged by the Group for services performed over a period exceeding 3 months, which are recognized on a straight-line basis. Fee and commission income also includes fees and commissions recognized on a straight-line basis, received on loans and advances granted with an unspecified schedule of future cash flows for which the effective interest rate cannot be determined.

The accounting policies for recognizing commission income on sales of insurance products linked to loans and advances are described in the note “Interest income and expenses”.

Financial information


payment and credit cards1 1261 024
maintenance of bank accounts858879
loans and advances granted616592
maintenance of investment funds and OFE (including management fees)590450
cash transactions98103
servicing foreign mass transactions10189
brokerage activities and issue arrangement206148
offering insurance products9431
sale and distribution of court fee stamps512
investment and insurance products73105
customer orders4444
fiduciary services65
Total3 9183 579
card activities(624)(551)
commission paid to external entities for product sales(61)(65)
cost of construction investment supervision and property valuation(41)(40)
settlement services(29)(33)
fee and commissions for operating services provided by banks(19)(18)
sending short text messages (SMS)(21)(16)
asset management(15)(12)
fees incurred by the Brokerage House(21)(17)

1among other things on servicing loans, servicing foreign mass transactions, central settlement of derivative transactions, issue of Euro bonds and canvassing services.