Prizes and awards

In 2017 the PKO Bank Polski SA Group received many prizes and awards. The social activities of the Group’s companies were acknowledged, as were its innovative services and products, excellent customer service, and the Bank’s management. The Bank’s excellent financial results and the Bank’s and the Group’s overall operations gained several honourable mentions.

Dynamic development and excellent financial results

50 top banks in PolandFor another consecutive year, PKO Bank Polski SA won the ranking of the monthly Miesięcznik Finansowy BANK – “50 top banks in Poland”. The ranking is developed by independent financial analysts who – based on the banks’ financial data for the previous year – assess the market position of financial institutions against the entire banking sector.
Leader of Polish banking According to data from the “Polish banking in numbers” report compiled by and, PKO Bank Polski SA is the unquestioned leader in Polish banking, among other things, in terms of the number of customers, issued debit cards. It also ranks first in the sector in terms of mobile and internet banking.8.8 million customers, i.e. over 28% of all the customers of Polish banks with access to online banking have access to this service, and as at the end of 2017 the IKO application had over 2 million activations.
Banking stars 2017 PKO Bank Polski SA ranked first in the business structure category in the “Banking stars” ranking organized by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. It won thanks to the excellent result concerning the value of credit granted and deposits placed. Also PKO Bank Hipoteczny ranked first in the specialist bank category and became leader in terms of the volume of issued and outstanding mortgage bonds.The technical partner in the ranking was PwC.
Book of ListsAccording to the Book of Lists 2017/2018 ranking prepared by the Warsaw Business Journal, PKO Bank Polski SA once again became a leader in the banks in Poland category.The Book of Lists is the largest and most long-lasting (over 20 years) business publication on the Polish publishing market which presents the best companies from various business sectors in Poland in the form of rankings. Each year it gives awards to the best, largest and most dynamic enterprises.
Budget pillar The Rzeczpospolita daily honoured PKO Bank Polski SA with the Budget Pillar for last year’s CIT contributions to the State budget. The Bank is the largest CIT payer among all financial institutions and the second largest among all companies included in the ranking. In 2016 it contributed approx. PLN 2.5 billion to the State budget. Over the past three years the Bank paid PLN 5.2 billion in taxes, including CIT of over PLN 2.6 billion.The Budget Pillar award constitutes an element of the annual ranking of the largest companies in the Polish economy – “List 500”.
National TreasureIn the first edition of the Business Awards of the Polish Radio PKO Bank Polski SA was acknowledged for its commitment to the re-Polonization of Pekao S.A. and won the National Treasure award.The Business Awards of the Polish Radio constitute honourable mentions for the best enterprises which contribute materially to the development of the Polish economy and to the promotion of Poland on the international arena, engage in charitable actions, social and ecological actions.
Sales MasterIn the BGK competition for Leader in Sales of Guarantees from the POIG Guarantee Fund PKO Bank Polski SA won the title of Sales Master for the largest number of guarantees granted. Thus, it used most funds from the de minimis guarantee limit from among the ten banks participating in the program.Salespersons who granted the loans covered by the maximum guarantee amount from the POIG Guarantee Fund were also awarded in the competition. Agnieszka Lorek, Corporate Account Manager in the Regional Corporate Centre of PKO Bank Polski SA in Ciechanów.

Actions awarded in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Business Award of the President of the Republic of PolandPKO Bank Polski SA gained an honourable mention in the responsible business category in the competition for the Business Award of the President of the Republic of Poland. The jury acknowledged the Bank’s active efforts for the country’s business development and improvement of the quality of social life, in particular for initiatives supporting sustainable growth, responding to different needs of the market, conducive to the employees and their families, and serving the local community. This is a subsequent award in the competition for the Business Award of the President of the Republic of Poland. In 2012 the Bank was nominated in the corporate governance category and corporate social responsibility. A year later, it also won the award and received a nomination in the innovation category.The award is granted to those companies that significantly contribute to the development of the national economy, building a positive image of Polish entrepreneurship throughout the world, and one which is a model for others.
Top Industry DiamondsPKO Bank Polski SA is the best bank financing the Polish economy and the winner of the prize in this category in the Top Industry Diamonds competition. The jury acknowledged the Bank’s activity in financing the strategic sectors of the Polish economy, supporting the development of technological start-ups and acting for the promotion of the country as the centre of development of entrepreneurship and innovation.The purpose of the competition organized by the Executive Club is to award companies and entrepreneurs who have particularly distinguished themselves in Polish industry and have achieved success in the new technological and business reality.
Students’ laurel 2016The jury of the students’ self-government of the Silesian University awarded PKO Bank Polski SA with the Students’ Laurel 2016 in the category Student-Friendly Institution. The award is an acknowledgment of the Bank’s activity in Silesian academic life. This relates mainly to commitment – financial and employee – in the educational program “Ekonomia na bank” aimed at supporting students and doctoral students in developing skills in economics and finance, including using financial services and products.
Strategic Patron of the yearPKO Bank Polski SA was honoured with a statuette of the Strategic Patron of the Year 2017 of the National Philharmonic Orchestra in Warsaw. It received the statuette for supporting the Philharmonic Orchestra’s artistic activities (artistic season 2016/2017), contributing to performances of outstanding artists. The Bank has been cooperating with the National Philharmonic Orchestra in Warsaw for over a decade. For the past five years it has been a Strategic Patron.
Business Award of the Mayor of the Municipality of LublinIn the 10th competition for the Mayor of the Municipality of Lublin’s Business Award – the idea being to promote the best entrepreneurs and organizations supporting the economic development of a municipality actively investing in Lublin and transferring new solutions to the local market – PKO Bank Polski SA received an honourable mention in the category “Large Corporations – the City’s Business Locomotives”.

PKO Bank Polski SA - leader among employers

Solid Employer of the Year 2017 PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded the title Solidny Pracodawca Roku 2017 (solid employer of the year) in the banking industry. The jury of the 15th edition of the program mainly appreciated the work conditions offered by the Bank, its training policy, development capacity and non-salary benefits. The incentive system, corporate social responsibility and employer branding were also appreciated.Apart from the Bank, also PKO Leasing SA received this award.The Solidny Pracodawca Roku program is a prestigious nationwide research program in the HR area, aimed at honouring best employees, fair in terms of employment policy, employment solutions and human resources management. The jury also takes into account the external and internal opinions about the institution and its organizational culture.
PKO Bank Polski SA among the most wanted employersIn the 7th edition of Antal’s “The most wanted employers in the opinion of specialists and managers” survey PKO Bank Polski SA ranked second in the banking industry. It was acknowledged mainly for its management style, innovativeness and organizational culture.The votes of more than 3,000 specialists and managers from all of Poland, representing different industries, decided the Bank be awarded the title.
Business TOP 100 Universum GlobalPKO Bank Polski SA is the first Polish commercial institution chosen as the workplace by students. In the Business TOP 100 Universum Global ranking the Bank was among the best employers in Poland.Universum Global prepares a ranking of the best global employers every year. 27.6 thousand young people participated in the survey from 64 Polish university-level schools. Based on their opinion, the 100 best employers in Poland were selected.
Employer of the YearPKO Bank Polski SA was once again awarded the title of Employer of the Year in the survey of the international students’ organization AIESEC. The Bank was in a high fifth place in the ranking and was the only Polish company in the top five.In the 25th jubilee ranking students from more than 30 Polish university-level schools participated. Among the most important factors for selecting the most wanted employer they indicated, among other things, a good atmosphere, financial conditions, satisfaction gained from the work performed. A clear career path was also important to them as well as promotion criteria and training and professional development options.
Nomination for the Talents ProgramIn the EB Kreator competition, in the category internal employer branding campaign, PKO Bank Polski SA gained a honourable mention and was nominated for the Talents Program. The idea behind the Program was to ensure that employees have the opportunity of using their professional potential by supporting their intense development, excelling in the competencies needed to pursue the Bank’s strategy, i.e. innovativeness and management of the sales network and encouraging them to build their career in the Bank. The EB Creator competition is organized by GoldenLine, one of the key recruitment service sites.

PKO Bank Polski SA - leader of modern technologies

Mobile Trends Awards 2016PKO Bank Polski SA was honoured with the Mobile Trends Awards 2016 statuette in the mobile banking category for the IKO application (proprietary mobile application of PKO Bank Polski SA, which became the basis for constructing the interbank standard for mobile payments BLIK).The Mobile Trends Awards for the best mobile solutions have been awarded for the sixth time. The Jury of the Competition which included IT and mobile experts, selected the winners, but Internet users also had their say.
IKO – number 1 in PolandThe IKO application of PKO Bank Polski SA in the three largest stores: Google Play, App Store
and Windows Phone Store gained over 100 thousand assessments from users – customers of PKO Bank Polski and Inteligo – and ranked first among mobile banking applications.For nearly two years the number of stars earned by IKO has not fallen below 4.5 out of a possible 5. The high rating of the application is all the more measurable in that it is the average of more than 100,000 opinions of customers from all over Poland.
SAP Innovation Award 2017PKO Bank Polski SA received the SAP Innovation Award 2017 for BEHEX – a Big Data solution serving the collection and analysis of the IKO mobile banking application. The competition committee comprising SAP experts acknowledged the innovativeness of the project and the excellent  combination of banking know-how and SAP technology.
BAI Global Innovation AwardsIn the international competition for financial institutions BAI Global Innovation Awards,
PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded in the crucial cooperation category. The project for making available e-administration services on e-banking sites, an innovative approach thanks to which customers have access to entirely new services (they may, among other things, quickly and easily use e-administration services) gained the jury’s recognition.The BAI Global Innovation Award is one of the most prestigious international competitions for financial sector companies. The Awards are organized by the Bank Administration Institute (BAI). PKO Bank Polski SA received the award for a project making e-administration services available on e-banking sites together with Bank Millennium.
Leader 2016The jury of the technological competition Leader 2016 recognized PKO Bank Polski SA for its proprietary project Fabryka Ofert, acknowledging the innovativeness of the solution used to analyse customer needs, automatically generate personalized offers and their distribution through all sales channels.The purpose of the competition organized by Gazeta Bankowa is to award companies and institutions from the most dynamically developing sectors of the Polish economy, which have exceptional achievements in the area of modern and innovative technologies.
Portfolio of the Year of WPROST 2017In the 3rd edition of the contest Portfolio of the Year, organized by Wprost weekly, PKO Bank Polski SA won in the safety category. The jury acknowledged the Bank’s actions aimed at ensuring simple and safe access for millions of Poles to financial services and secure access to financial services, applying new technologies in security systems and educating customers. This is the third time the Bank has won this contest. Last year the Bank was awarded the title of “Bank for the individual customer”, and in 2015 its private banking offer was considered to be the best. The purpose of the contest is to promote financial institutions which offer the most interesting financial products and services which are new on the market and to honour sector leaders.

Best products and services

Gold Banker 2016 In the 8th edition of the Gold Banker ranking PKO Bank Polski SA won the statuette in the category mortgage loan for the housing loan ‘Własny Kąt Hipoteczny’, which was unrivalled in terms of availability, costs, terms for overpayment of debt and lending period. The Bank was also acknowledged for its best and most ergonomic electronic channels – iPKO and IKO. It also gained the recognition of Internet users – becoming the runner-up in voting for the advertising spot (Dużo za zero – Much for zero), communication in social media and charity actions (PKO Charity Race). The efficiency of the Contact Center also had good ratings.The Gold Banker is the largest ranking assessing banking products and services in Poland. It blazes the trail for the development of Polish banking, indicating those banks which, in their operations, choose the best market practices, and their products and services respond to the expectations and needs of their customers. The ranking is organized by and Puls Biznesu.
Lider Comperia Stars 2016PKO Bank Polski SA won in the mortgage loan category in the Comperia Stars 2016 project. The loan Własny Kąt hipoteczny offered by the Bank won in seven of 12 monthly schedules prepared by the portal.Under the Comperia Stars 2016 project selected financial products, such as mortgage loans, cash loans, deposits and savings accounts were analysed on a monthly basis. The banks’ customers decided on the product selection. Companies which won the most often in a given category were the winners of the whole project.
Financial brokers’ laurelIn the 2nd edition of the Financial Brokers’ Laurel competition (Konkurs o Laur Pośredników Finansowych) the Bank was awarded in the category of mortgage banks. The award is an acknowledgment of the offer of financial intermediaries associated in Konferencja Przedsiębiorstw Finansowych (Conference of Financial Enterprises) and of the cooperation standards used by the Bank, as well as the efficiency and transparency of the mortgage loan selling processes.
Quality Recognition AwardThe American Bank JP Morgan awarded two prestigious Quality Recognition Awards to PKO Bank Polski SA. The Bank gained the award for the highest quality of interbank dollar transactions.The Quality Recognition Award has been awarded since 1997 to key clients of JP Morgan, who achieve the highest level of operating services. The high number of finalized banking transactions is an additional criterion.
CESSIO Laurel 2017PKO Bank Polski SA ranked first among the initial creditors of the banking sector in the 5th edition of the CESSIO Laurel competition. The tender process, measurement of the debt portfolio, the draft contract for its sale and transparency of the offer, its comprehensive nature and post-sales services were highly ranked.CESSIO Laurel is an initiative of the Conference of Financial Enterprises in Poland, the aim of which is to promote best practices, consolidate the potential and development perspectives of the receivables management market and to strengthen trust of the parties to the receivables sales contracts.
PKO TFI offer one of the best in the Analizy Online rankingsThe pension package Pakiet Emerytalny PKO TFI came second both in the IKE Ranking and in the IKZE ranking developed by an independent research centre Analizy Online. The analysts ranked highly mainly the effectiveness of the funds offered under the programs and access to special categories of entities with competitive management fees.
De Minimis Guarantee sales leaderPKO Bank Polski SA was honoured by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego with the title “Leader in De Minimis Guarantee Sales” for the highest share in the total amount of guarantees granted since the launch of the program (March 2013). From the launch of the program PKO Bank Polski SA serviced over 20% of all customers (35 thousand customers) who used the de minimis guarantees, maintaining the lead position from year to year. In total, the Bank granted guarantees for approx. PLN 8.9 billion, and generated over PLN 16 billion in respective loans.
Best Contact CentreThe Contact Center of PKO Bank Polski SA remains the unquestioned leader of services in the banking sector. In the 15th round of examinations of call centres ARC Rynek i Opinia received 97.7 points out of 100, much above average (79.2) for all 12 banks participating in the examination. The Bank’s Contact Center was one of the winners of the survey for the 12th time, and ranked first for the 11th time.PKO Bank Polski SA consultants were given high marks, among other things, for technical servicing, professionalism, courtesy and commitment. The Contact Center also received high marks in the mail contact assessment. They obtained 29.4 points out of 30 for response time.

Strong brand

Brand of Brands PKO Bank Polski SA is the banking institution most frequently and best described in the media – as follows from the “Top Brand” ranking. It gained the most points for the number and scope of publications. The analysis covered information in the press, on the internet, and in social media. In the period under analysis (July 2016 – June 2017), over 770 thousand hits in the media and on Internet portals related to PKO Bank Polski SA. The Advertising Value Equivalency for all publications in which references were made to the Bank proved the highest among the banks and amounted to more than PLN 230 million.The purpose of the listing prepared by the Press monthly and Press-Service Monitoring Mediów is selecting brands which are the most popular in the press and in internet media.
Strongest financial brandPKO Bank Polski SA is still the strongest brand in the finance industry in Poland. This is confirmed by the results of the 14th edition of the prestigious “Best and Strongest Polish Brands 2017” ranking of the Rzeczpospolita daily, where the market recognition, popularity of products and mainly the brand value were assessed. The Bank’s brand was valued at PLN 3.2 billion. PKO Bank Polski SA is the third most valuable brand in Poland. Participation in the Most Valuable Brands Ranking is open only to those brands formed in Poland, regardless of the country of origin of their current owner.
SuperbrandsIn the 12th edition of the Superbrands Polska poll PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded the Superbrands 2018 and Superbrands Polska Marka 2018 titles and was ranked one of the three most recommended banks. The distinctions received attest to the strength of the brand, trust and acknowledgment of its quality.The Superbrands titles were awarded according to the decisions of consumers in the largest independent brands survey in Poland. The key criterion was the recommendation of the brand. The survey, covering almost 2,000 consumer brands, was performed by the ARC Rynek i Opinia institute.
Kreatura for the PKO Bank Polski SA campaignIn the 21st edition of the independent advertising creation Kreatura the campaign of the product PKO Konto dla Młodych #Miłość Mamy Za Zero (account for the young #love for zero) won in the category Digital – projects with bloggers and vloggers.The contest of independent Polish creations Kreatura is organized by Media&Marketing Polska. Its aim is to award and honour the creators of Polish advertising art. The projects are evaluated in terms of their originality and innovativeness of the idea, as well as the more than average quality of production. This year the jury evaluated as many as 132 works.
Honourable mention for the PKO Bank Polski SA spotThe advertising spot Miłość mamy za zero with the participation of Martin Stankiewicz from the PKO Bank Polski SA campaign for the PKO Konta dla Młodych (accounts for young people), was recognized by the Nowy Marketing service as one of the best St. Valentine’s films.The advertisement touched millions of internet users. Its central theme was a street survey conducted by Martin Stankiewicz, one of the most popular representatives of the Polish vlog sphere.

Excellent communication with the market

Leader in investor relations surveyPKO Bank Polski SA won in the survey of investor relations of WIG30 companies carried out among individual investors by Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet and Izba Domów Maklerskich (Chamber of Brokerage Houses). The Bank was assessed on an average level of 4.4 points (on a scale of 1 to 6) and became the leader in the ranking according to individual investors and Parkiet readers.
Transparent Company of the YearPKO Bank Polski SA was awarded the title “Transparent Company of 2016” in the ranking of public companies’ from the WIG20 index communications with the market prepared by Instytut Rachunkowości i Podatków (Institute of Accounting and Taxation) and Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet. The Bank achieved a high ranking for financial and other reporting, investor relations and corporate governance principles.The “Transparent Company of the Year” ranking is an initiative addressed to public companies from the WIG 20, 40 and 80 indices. Its purpose is to assess the transparency of companies, and it is performed on the basis of a survey.
The Best Annual ReportFor the fifth time already the Annual Report of PKO Bank Polski SA was honoured with a special award “The Best of The Best” in the competition for the Best Annual Report organized by the Institute of Accounting and Taxation. It was considered to be a model of excellent communication with the market. The jury of the competition awarded the Bank the highest number of points (91.88 out of 100) in the category banks and financial institutions.The Bank was also awarded for the best Group Directors’ Report which received 29 points out of 30.
Golden Columns (Złote Szpalty)PKO Bank Polski received two Golden Columns in the Power of Content Marketing Awards Szpalty Roku competition. The project “PKO Bank Polski. Biegajmy razem” (Let’s jog together) was awarded first prize in the category Content marketing – sport, for the charity commercial campaign, involving employees and good PR. The “#zkopyta” campaign which promoted Cavaliada was unrivalled in the category Social media campaign as an autonomous project. The jury acknowledged it for the volunteers’ commitment, reaching the target group and non-aggressive promotion of the brand.Szpalty Roku is a competition organized by the Content Marketing Polska Association. Its aim is to promote standards for the creation of content marketing projects.
Two first places in the Agape competition The publications of PKO Bank Polski: the educational quarterly for the youngest Brawo Bank
in the augmented reality (AR) version and the printed magazine for employees Nasz Bank with a special edition Strategia 2020 – were ranked first in their categories (best external electronic bulletin and one-off project, printed bulletin) in this year’s competition for company bulletins of the Agape agency.In assessing the submissions, the jury took into consideration the purposes, addressees and image, as well as language, edition of the texts, visual attractiveness and use of innovative solutions.

Brokerage activities

Sales leader on the market for shares and bondsIn November Dom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA became the sales leader on the shares market in the WSE session trading, with a share of 10.83 percent. As of the beginning of the year it was the runner up in sales on the WSE, with a 9.52 percent share. In November the Brokerage House was also the leader on the bonds market and its share in the segment amounted to 39.92 percent. It also had the largest share in options trading of 32.90 percent.
Best broker in the CEE regionDom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego won in the category Top Broker for CEE in the CEE Capital Markets Awards competition. The international jury appreciated the offer addressed to investors and contribution to the development of capital markets in the EEC region.CEE Capital Markets Awards have been awarded for the third time. Their purpose is to draw the attention of global investors to dynamically developing firms and the economy of the CEE region, and to appreciate institutional investors.
Active participants of the capital marketThe Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Central Securities Depository (KDPW), in their conclusions about 2016 on the exchange honoured PKO Bank Polski SA and Dom Maklerski PKO Bank Polski SA with prizes.DM won the prize for the highest turnover of a market maker in session trading with non-Treasury bonds on the Catalyst market and the highest share of a market maker in the trading volume of options for indices. PKO Bank Polski SA won first prize in the category Highest OTC transaction value settled by KDPW_CCP in 2016.
Nationwide investor survey 2017Dom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA was awarded the highest grades in six out of seven categories assessed by investors in the Nationwide Investor Survey in 2017. The investors appreciated the access to information and quotations, foreign markets and IKE/IKZE accounts, the educational offer and quality of the analyses and recommendations. The quality of direct services also earned high grades, as well as the functionality of the internet platform and professionalism of employees. The Brokerage House as the only entity assessed was awarded grades exceeding 4 points. This is yet another victory of DM PKO Banku Polskiego SA in the Nationwide Investor Survey. Since 2010 none of the brokerage houses has won the survey three times.
Best Exchange AnalystsPiotr Łopaciuk and Artur Iwański of Dom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA ranked first and second, respectively, in the ranking for the best exchange analysts organized by Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet. In total, analysts of the Brokerage House won 9 places on the podium in sector classifications, and the entire team of analysts came second.The awards were granted by managers of TFI, OFE and asset managers. All in all, 133 specialists were assessed.

Best specialists on the market

Bank Manager of the Year 2016Zbigniew Jagiełło, President of the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski SA, won in the competition for Bank Manager of the Year 2016 organized by the Gazeta Bankowa editorial office. The winner is selected by a jury, taking into consideration – among other things – management effectiveness, financial results, abiding by fair competition rules. The voices of competitors, who assess the nominees, are also taken into account.This is Zbigniew Jagiełło’s third prize in the competition – he also was Manager of the Year in 2015 and in 2012.
Most valued Manager on the WSEZbigniew Jagiełło, President of the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski SA is leader of the Martis Consulting ranking “Valuation of Polish TOP 30 managers, edition 2017”. His value was assessed at PLN 521 million. The model for assessing the value of company managers was based on three key factors: share price dynamics, EBITDA dynamics and assessment of managerial competencies.This was the first edition of the ranking of value of managers of companies quoted on the WSE. Presidents of the largest companies listed on the WSE from the WIG20 and mWIG40 indices were covered by the ranking.
Lesław A. Paga AwardZbigniew Jagiełło, President of the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski SA, received the Lesław A. Paga Award. He was awarded for his commitment to the development of the Polish economy and promotion of high standards of operation of the financial market in Poland.Businessmen, business and public activists, visionaries, persons who are dynamic and effective, who promote organizational culture and management style models based on best practices and high ethical and professional standards are nominated for the Lesław A. Paga award.
The association of Polish Banks’ Nicolaus Copernicus MedalPiotr Mazur, Vice President of the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski SA responsible for the Risk Management Area was awarded the Nicolaus Copernicus Medal by the Association of Polish Banks. He was awarded the medal for his input into the development and safety of Polish banking.The Nicolaus Copernicus Medal was also awarded by the Association of Polish Banks to: Piotr Galas, Director of the Corporate Customer Department, and Paweł Bizoń of the Public Sector Customer Department. The Medals were awarded for their input in the development of the banking system which reinforces the Polish economy.
Leader of Foreign Exchange ForecastsThe Market Strategy Office Team of PKO Bank Polski SA under the management of Director Mariusz Adamiak came first in Bloomberg’s ranking of quarterly foreign exchange forecasts. The team won in the category of 13 key currency pairs and in the category of G10 foreign exchange forecasts. The ranking took into consideration the deviation of the forecasts of market values and consistency with trends, also accounting for the date of sending the forecasts.
PKO Bank Polski SA economists on the podiumIn Parkiet’s ranking of the accuracy of forecasts, PKO Bank Polski SA economists came second, both in the macroeconomic indices category and in the general ranking. Their economic forecasts in the first quarter of the year once again correctly anticipated the values of key macroeconomic ratios. The team of the Bank’s chief economist, Piotr Bujak, distinguished himself, among other things, by accurate forecasts of wage and salary dynamics, money supply, production prices and WIG20.23 teams of economists from banks, brokerage houses and investment fund management companies (TFI) participate in the forecasting competition organized by Parkiet.
Security Excellence Award 2017Piotr Kalbarczyk, Director of the Information Security Office at PKO Bank Polski, received an honourable mention in the Security Excellence Award 2017 competition. The jury acknowledged Piotr Kalbarczyk and his team for fully monitoring events and early detection of threats, and consistent pursuit of the Bank’s security strategy.The Security Excellence Award 2017 competition is a joint initiative of the Computerworld magazine and ISSA and ISACA associations – organizations of professionals engaged in information security.

Awards won by the companies of the Bank's Group

Award for ExcellenceThe editorial office of “The Covered Bond Report” honoured PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA with the Award for Excellence in the Pioneer category.The pioneer role of PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA in the development of the market for mortgage bonds in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe was appreciated, and it was emphasized that the “long awaited debut of mortgage bonds denominated in euros started a new era in the history of the Polish market”.The Awards for Excellence are granted to institutions which contributed the most to the development of the mortgage bonds market.
Leader on the Investment fund marketPKO TFI SA was announced the leader among investment fund management companies in terms of number of customers by an independent opinion-forming centre Analizy Online. In the first quarter of 2017 the number of customers of PKO TFI SA increased by nearly 18 thousand. This is one-third of all new fund customers. Therefore, the TFI became market leader, at the same time outdistancing the runner up in terms of the increase in the number of the competitor’s new customers.
Market leader in financial instruments in the EUPKO Leasing SA was awarded by Krajowy Punkt Kontaktowy ds. Instrumentów Finansowych UE – the Polish centre of excellence in respect of EU renewable instruments, in the Lease Companies category for the best results in market development.PKO Leasing SA is the most effective distributor of EU funds in the lease sector in Poland. In the 2016–2018 perspective it launched PLN 670 million preferential funds in lease activities with EU support from the European Investment Fund, COSME guarantee programmes and Horizon 2020.
High rankings of KREDOBANK SA in the UkraineIn 2017 KREDOBANK SA was highly ranked in various rankings in Ukraine, including:- first place in the mortgage loans category and second place in the automotive loan category in the “50 lead Ukrainian banks” ranking organized by the Financial Club;- second place in the “Best product for SMEs” ranking organized by Biznes magazine;- title of “Bank of 2017: for innovations” awarded by MasterCard for achievements in the development of payment services;- second place in the category “Small and Medium Enterprises Pillar” in the ranking organized by Biznes magazine.
Successes of ZenCardZenCard Sp. z o.o. was appreciated for its innovative activities and received the Main Prize of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers in the startup for export competition in Impact’17 4.0 Economy.In 2017 the company was also awarded the “Best Startup 2017” award at the FutureTech 2017 congress in Warsaw.
Bronze EFFIE for Kredobank’s campaignIn the 12th edition of the Effie Awards Ukraine KREDOBANK SA’s campaign “Rational loans for emotional purposes” won a bronze Effie and was the only project awarded in the finance and business services category. The marketing team of KREDOBANK SA was also appreciated and acclaimed one of the most effective. In the jury’s opinion, personalization of the message and selection of the correct media greatly contributed to the effectiveness of the marketing campaign of the company’s product. Special emphasis was placed on the creation and innovative idea.Effie Awards constitute one of the most prestigious competitions in which the effectiveness of marketing campaigns are assessed. This year’s 12th edition of Effie Awards Ukraine received over 300 applications.