Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income

Net profit (including non-controlling shareholders)3 1092 876
Other comprehensive income578(572)
Items which may be reclassified to profit or loss577(574)
Cash flow hedges (gross)23(8)(63)
Deferred tax on cash flow hedges17, 23112
Cash flow hedges (net)23(7)(51)
Remeasurement of available-for-sale financial assets (gross)761(636)
Deferred tax on available-for-sale financial assets17(142)118
Unrealized net gains on available-for-sale financial assets (net)619(518)
Foreign exchange differences on translation of foreign branches(36)(4)
Share in other comprehensive income of associates
and joint ventures
Items which cannot be reclassified to profit or loss12
Actuarial gains and losses (gross)12
Actuarial gains and losses (net)12
Total net comprehensive income3 6872 304
Total net comprehensive income, of which attributable to:3 6872 304
equity holders of PKO Bank Polski SA3 6822 302
non-controlling shareholders52