Consolidated Income Statement

Interest and similar income710 9199 965
Interest expenses and similar charges7(2 313)(2 210)
Net interest income8 6067 755
Fee and commission income83 9183 579
Fee and commission expense8(949)(886)
Net fee and commission income/(expense)2 9692 693
Dividend income91210
Net gain/(loss) on financial instruments measured at fair value1084
Gain/(loss) on investment securities1146506
Net foreign exchange gains/(losses)12452503
Other operating income13710649
Other operating expenses13(240)(330)
Net other operating income and expenses470319
Net impairment allowances and provisions14(1 620)(1 623)
Administrative expenses15(5 784)(5 590)
Tax on certain financial institutions16(932)(829)
Operating profit/(loss)4 2273 748
Participation in profits/ (losses) of associates2235
Profit before income tax4 2493 783
Income tax expense17(1 140)(907)
Net profit (including non-controlling shareholders)3 1092 876
Profit (loss) attributable to non-controlling shareholders52
Net profit attributable to the equity holders of the parent company3 1042 874
Earnings per share18
– basic earnings per share for the period (PLN)2,482,30
– diluted earnings per share for the period (PLN)2,482,30
Weighted average number of ordinary shares during the period (in million)1 2501 250
Weighted average diluted number of ordinary shares during the period
(in million)
1 2501 250