Cash and balances with the Central Bank

Accounting policies

The item “Cash and balances with the central bank” presents cash recognized at nominal value, and funds in the current account and deposits with the Central Bank measured at amounts due, including interest on those funds (if any).

Financial information

Current account with the Central Bank11 1727 460
Cash in hand4 6734 185
Deposits with the Central Bank1 9651 680
Total17 81013 325

During the course of the working day, the Group may use funds from the obligatory reserve accounts for ongoing payments, on the basis of an instruction submitted to the National Bank of Poland (NBP). However, the Group must ensure that the average monthly balance on this account complies with the requirements set in the obligatory reserve declaration.

Funds on the obligatory reserve account bear interest of 0.9 of the reference rate.

As at 31 December 2017 and 31 December 2016, this interest rate was 1.35%.