Involvement in pro-social activity

Sponsorship activities of PKO Bank Polski SA

The sponsorship activities of PKO Bank Polski SA are aimed at forming the Bank’s image as a reliable financial institution, socially involved, modern and open to its customers’ needs.

Due to its almost one-hundred year history, the Bank treats participation in initiatives which introduce society to national heritage, and culture and art, as a priority. The experience and leadership in the financial market also obliges the Bank to support young Poles in their education and development. Co-financing innovative projects and setting development trends in respect of Polish education is the ultimate goal of the Bank’s sponsorship.

In 2017 the Bank completed 360 projects of different scale: from nationwide – communicated in the media, supported with promotional actions, to smaller, dedicated to local communities which have problems in acquiring funds for organizing meetings with culture, exhibitions, science picnics.

Expenditure on financing projects which support business and promote culture and art take up the largest share of the Bank’s sponsorship budget.

Investment in sponsorship activities (budget share)

For many years, PKO Bank Polski has been initiating and implementing social projects integrating business objectives with activities for all stakeholder groups. In accordance with the slogan of the Bank’s current Strategy for 2016–2020, “We support the development of Poland and Poles”, the Bank is developing the relations with the environment, actively performing activities for society and with its involvement. It supports educational, civic, cultural and charity events and projects. The Bank is a socially responsible institution for which freedom and attachment to tradition are natural values. Therefore, it conducts activities that consolidate awareness and national identity, support the development of national heritage and popularize the ideas of modern patriotism. The Bank implements this mission, among others, through patronage.

The PKO Bank Polski Foundation performs charity activities on behalf of the Group, including the Bank. Representatives of the whole of the Group participate in the projects it implements. Furthermore, individual entities perform their own charity initiatives targeted at local communities.

Both the Bank, as a part of its sponsoring activities, and the Foundation, as a part of its charity activities, verify every partner and beneficiary of the support provided. No negative impact on the Bank’s image was identified in 2017 in connection with sponsorship and charity activities. Care for the rationality of the sponsorship and charity policies pursued is achieved through the synergy of activities. A Programme Council consisting of representatives of the Bank takes care of this. The Bank and the Foundation implement projects jointly or separately in the most important programme areas in terms of image, such as culture, tradition, education and sport. Furthermore, the Foundation performs activities, the objectives of which are social welfare, protection of life and health and ecology. On the one hand, such a division of commitment to programme areas strengthens the Bank’s image-related benefits, while on the other, it broadens their range.

Sponsorship activities


Sponsorship activities performed by the Bank have the objective of shaping the Bank’s image as a trustworthy, socially committed and modern financial institution, which is open to customer needs. It supports, among other things, cultural and educational institutions as a result of which they can develop and achieve their objectives.

An important aspect of the Bank’s sponsorship activities is its commitment to projects inspired by history, promoting a patriotic attitude and identity values. The Bank integrates and supports cultural events, such as exhibitions and concerts organized for anniversaries of important historical events or commemorating the achievements and attitudes of outstanding Poles.

Principles of the sponsorship policy

The Bank’s sponsorship policy is governed by specific principles and a several-stage process of reviewing and accepting offers that are submitted. An important stage is its expert assessment, made on the basis of the following parameters:

  • the importance of the project;
  • the business (assessment for the ability to involve customers and create a platform for building relations with stakeholders) and image potential;
  • the sponsorship title offered;
  • the credibility of the organizer;
  • the business environment in which the Bank appears as a sponsor;
  • the equivalence of sponsorship benefits in relation to the expected amount of support.

Offers that are accepted are sent to the Sponsorship Committee, which guarantees that the proposals under consideration will be considered factually and comprehensively.

Areas of activities

In 2017, the Bank received 729 offers and proposals of cooperation, of which 321 projects were implemented – both nationwide and smaller – dedicated to local communities. Expenditure in support of business, sport (including the organization of the proprietary “Let’s Run Together” project), culture (including national heritage) and education accounted for the largest share of the sponsorship budget.

The structure of the Bank’s sponsorship budget by area of activity in 2017 

Area of activityShare of the total budget (%)
Culture and art24.4
Local events0.8


PKO Bank Polski supports Polish business, as a result of which it contributes to the promotion of Polish companies and the growth of popularity of domestic products. It supports important events related, among other things, to economics and the national economy (e.g.: Congress 590, Economic Forum in Krynica and European Financial Congress) as well as sectoral projects (e.g.: Retail Banking Congress, Top Industry Summit and Polska Chemia Congress). This means it is strengthening the Bank’s strong position on the financial market (assistance in achieving sales targets), promoting innovation and cooperating with young technology companies from the FinTech sector.


The Bank is intensely involved in sports projects intended to popularize health, an active lifestyle and physical fitness. It has been supporting mass running events for years. The “PKO Bank Polski Let’s Run Together” programme was established in 2013 and has been gradually developing since then. The Bank sponsored 46 events throughout Poland in 2017. It was the titular sponsor of, among other things: the PKO Poznań Half Marathon, the PKO Poznań Marathon, the PKO Wroclaw Night Half Marathon, PKO Grand Prix Gdynia and the PKO Solidarity Half Marathon in Lublin. It was also a strategic partner of the races included in the Warsaw Triad Trail “Zabiegaj o Pamięć” [Run For the Memory].

Running training is an important element of the programme, held as part of the BiegamBoLubię [I Run Because I Like To] campaign at 80 athletics stadiums throughout Poland. Over 36k people took part in this training in 2017.

The Bank took part in 53 sporting events in 2017. In addition to mass events, the Bank supported, among other things the ski Piast Race, the Cavaliada Tour and the Tall Ship Races 2017.

Culture and art

The Bank actively promotes national heritage and joins in activities intended to cultivate tradition and supporting the achievements of Polish artists. The most important projects in this area apply to cooperation with museums (including the National Museum in Kraków and Warsaw), philharmonic orchestras and operas (including the National Philharmonic in Warsaw, the Kraków Opera) and theatres (including the Polish Theatre in Warsaw). It also supports film festivals (including the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and the Niepokorni, Niezłomni, Wyklęci [Insolent, Steadfast, Cursed] Festival in Gdynia). The Bank joins in and supports cultural events organized for anniversaries of important historical events, such as concerts and exhibitions related to the Warsaw Uprising, the adoption of the Constitution of 3 May, Independence Day and celebrations of the National Day of Remembrance of the Cursed Soldiers.


The Bank is one of the few banks in the country that conducts consistent education supported by comprehensive products. It is involved in many social educational initiatives, while bank experts share their knowledge and experience. It works with academic centres, including with the Warsaw School of Economics, the University of Łódź, the University of Silesia, the Kazimierz the Great University in Bydgoszcz, the Wrocław University of Technology, the Rzeszów University of Technology and the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. For years, it has been supporting student teams from the University of Warsaw, the Jagiellonian University and Wrocław University taking part in team programming championships – at national, regional and global level.

Events of importance to local communities

In 2017, the Bank was involved in many local projects of great importance to the communities from the given region of the country. These activities help integrate environments, build platforms for sharing experience, as well as developing entrepreneurship among the inhabitants of the given area. Examples of such initiatives are, among other things debates and meetings with entrepreneurs, cooperation with chambers of commerce and industry, local cultural centres, schools, as well as support of mass events.

Support of the Polish National Foundation

The Bank is one of the sponsors of the Polish National Foundation (PFN), the mission of which is to “promote our successes in science, extensive culture, wonderful history and unique nature.” According to the PFN’s statutes, each of the sponsors was obliged to make contributions to the Foundation’s founding fund and make annual payments towards the organization’s activities for 10 years starting from 2017. According to the statutes, in 2017, PKO Bank Polski SA transferred funds amounting to PLN 7 million.  

Business supporting projects

For many years now PKO Bank Polski SA has engaged in sponsorship of important events which promote business patriotism, national business and innovativeness in the area of finance. As one of the leaders on the Polish financial market, PKO Bank Polski SA actively participates in the organization of congresses and conferences which enable exchanging experiences and solutions among various business circles.

In 2017 the Bank was Strategic Partner in the second edition of Congress 590, which is becoming one of the most important business events and a meeting place for representatives of large and small business, science, politics and public administration. The Bank also engaged in the new economics congress IMPACT’17, during which global experts pondered over how the Fourth Industrial Revolution may impact the development of the economy, technology and society in Poland in the future.

The Bank’s Group engages heavily in conferences during which actions aimed at strengthening Poland’s and the EU’s financial safety and stability are discussed, the activity of Polish companies on foreign markets is promoted, and the use of new technologies and development trends in industries prospective for the Bank are pondered. Examples of such projects include: “The 23rd Economic Forum in Krynica”, “European Financial Congress”, “Retail Banking Congress”, “Local Government Capital and Finance Forum” and the “Polish Chemistry” Congress.

The Bank has been partner in many industry competitions promoting entrepreneurs, exporters, managers, philanthropists and experts supporting the development of the Polish economy and contributing to the promotion of economic patriotism. These include: “Polish Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 of Gazeta Polska Codziennie”, “Entrepreneur of the Year” – organized by EY, “Polish Company – International Champion”, “Wprost Eagles” or “Wprost Innovators”.

In 2017 the Bank, in cooperation with the media, completed projects aimed at the financial and banking education of readers. These included: the educational cycle “Financial Vademecum” published in Gazeta Polska Codziennie or the cycle “Finances” on the business service website

In 2017 the Bank has participated in many local projects which were important for the communities of those regions. The Bank also engaged in initiatives organized by regional chambers of commerce which associate representatives of local business. The Bank’s participation in projects which are important for local communities is aimed at integrating various circles, building a platform for sharing experiences, developing entrepreneurship among citizens. The actions taken contribute to reinforcing the Bank’s image as an institution engaged in the development of communities and care for customers’ needs.

Sponsorship of culture and the arts

Sponsorship of culture and the arts is one of the most important areas of the sponsorship activities of PKO Bank Polski SA. The Bank engages in important cultural events and acts as a patron in the activities of cultural institutions therefore it has a real impact on forming the recipients’ tastes and sensitivities. Additionally, popularizing cultural values, the Bank promotes awareness of the role of heritage in the development of the country and the society.

The Bank engages in valuable cultural events and supports many cultural institutions throughout Poland. Its actions comprise constant sponsorship cooperation, patronage over exhibitions, plays, festivals. The Bank strives to ensure that the projects pursued have an impact on promoting patriotic attitudes in our society, reinforce ties with our Polish heritage and deepen knowledge about Polish history. The key sponsorship activities in this area comprise:

Cooperation with cultural institutions

The Bank supports numerous cultural institutions throughout Poland, such as: museums, theatres, operas, philharmonic orchestras. Repertoire events of particular institutions draw large numbers of music and art lovers from local, nationwide and international communities.

The National Museums in Warsaw and Kraków

In November 2017 an exhibition was opened at the National Museum in Kraków presenting the whole of Stanisław Wyspiański’s work, of which the Bank is patron. The collection consisting of more than 900 works is of unprecedented value artistically and there are no similar exhibitions of Wyspiański’s artwork either in Poland or abroad.

The National Philharmonic

Over the past year the Bank continued its cooperation with the National Philharmonic, promoting both the musical achievements of Polish composers and young talents, and a passion for coming into contact with classical music.

The Kraków Opera

The Bank continued its cooperation with this prestigious cultural institution, which apart from repertoire performances engages in several educational projects, exhibitions and music projects.

Cultural Meeting Centre in Lublin

The Bank continued its cooperation with this prestigious cultural institution in south-eastern Poland, which because of its geographic location unites and promotes the most significant values of many cultures.

Opera theatres and philharmonic orchestras are also on the list of cultural institutions cooperating with the Bank, such as: Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Theatre – the European Centre of Arts in Białystok, the Raczyńskis Library in Poznań, the Feliks Nowowiejski Warmińsko-Mazurska Philharmonic Theatre in Olsztyn, the Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra, the Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Artur Malawski Podkarpacka Philharmonic Orchestra in Rzeszów. With regard to theatres, we supported theatres such as: the Arnold Szyfman Polish Theatre in Warsaw, the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Łódź, the Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych, the Silesian Theatre in Katowice. In 2017 the exhibition “The new gallery of Polish rulers. Świerzy versus Matejko” which presented a collection of portraits by Professor Waldemar Świerzy, sponsored by the Bank, was presented to the public in the National Museum in Gdańsk and in the Municipal Museum in Wrocław.

Supporting the organization of music festivals

The Bank actively supports important musical events in Poland and is patron of many festivals with the participation of world-renowned artists. The most important of these include:

  • The Bydgoszcz Opera Festival organized since 1994 by Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz;
  • The Grzegorz Fitelberg International Orchestra Directors’ Competition at the Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra in Katowice;
  • The Summer Kraków Opera Festival which also attracts people to plays performed in outdoor theatres;
  • The International Festival of the Meeting of Cultures organized by the H. Wieniawski Philharmonic Orchestra in Lublin;
  • the Travelling Festival of the Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra “Colours of Poland” – the largest enterprise in Poland connecting high culture with tourism and marketing particular places;
  • The Summer Jazz Festival in Kraków;
  • The Music Festival in Łańcut, which has been taking place for the past 56 years, organized by the Podkarpacka Philharmonic Orchestra.

Supporting projects which promote patriotic attitudes

Historical education and forming patriotic attitudes are significant aspects of the Bank’s sponsoring activities. In 2017 the Bank continued projects related to celebrating the memory of Cursed Soldiers, such as the NNW Film Festival “Niepokorni, Niezłomni, Wyklęci”. The Bank sponsored the concert “Wilczy Ślad. Piosenki Niezłomnych” organized under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland. In 2017 the Business Associations in Warsaw organized the 1st Congress of Business Patriotism addressed to Polish entrepreneurs and family businesses.

Supporting the organization of film festivals

Since 2011 the Bank has been the patron of projects aimed at consolidating, promoting and popularizing Polish cinema. In 2017 support was continued for the 42nd Film Festival in Gdynia, the Gdynia Film Academy, the Film Festival NNW “Niepokorni, Niezłomni, Wyklęci” and the 34th International Festival for the Young Viewer ALE KINO! organized by the Children’s Centre of Arts in Poznań.

The Bank engages in competitions and festivals, promoting new creative talents. In 2017 for the third time the Bank was the sponsor of the event “FRAZY. Festival of the Word in Songs” (“Festiwal Słowa w piosence FRAZY”) organized by the Raczyński Library in Poznań, and sponsored the 5th International Theatre Festival of World Classics organized by the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Łódź.

Sports sponsoring

Carrying out the Bank’s proprietary program “PKO Race Along”

Under the “PKO Race Along” program, which has been active since 2013, the Bank encourages Poles to engage in joint activities. The purpose of the program is to convey the message that running is the investment with the best interest which will bring lifelong profits in the form of improved physical condition. Running—in particular long-distance running—builds one’s character, improves fitness, teaches humility and perseverance in achieving goals. Running can also help the needy by participating in charity events organized by the Bank during sponsored runs.

In 2017 several running events took place throughout Poland under the progamme, the most important of which were:

  • PKO Wrocław Maraton, PKO Nocny Wrocław Półmaraton, PKO Silesia Marathon, PKO Poznań Maraton, PKO Bydgoski Festiwal Biegowy, PKO Półmaraton Szczecin and the following running events: PKO Rzeszów Biega and PKO Grand Prix Gdyni. The following runs commemorating historical events are especially significant: Tropem Wilczym Bieg Pamięci Żołnierzy Wyklętych commemorating the Cursed Soldiers, and Warszawska Triada Biegowa “Zabiegaj o pamięć”, which comprises three runs: Bieg Konstytucji 3 maja (The 3 May Constitution Run), Bieg Powstania Warszawskiego (The Warsaw Rising Run) and Bieg Niepodległości (The Independence Run),
  • 3. PKO Bieg Charytatywny – the third of the proprietary charity runs organized by the Bank in 12 Polish cities at the same time. The participants ran to jointly help children who are the most in need.

The Bank not only sponsors the biggest running events but also enables appropriate preparation for the runs. For this purpose, the Bank once again became strategic partner in the educational action “BiegamBoLubię” (I run because I like to). The action constitutes free-of-charge running meets at 80 athletic grounds throughout Poland.

“Helping with each step” is the motto of events sponsored by the Bank. The participants could join the charity actions “running for…” organized on behalf of those who need support to save their lives or regain their health. After the run has been completed by a specific number of participants wearing a “running for…” label, PKO Bank Polski SA Foundation donated money for that specific purpose.

Sponsorship participation in other sports initiatives

Apart from the running events which definitely dominated in the sports sponsorship category, the Bank also supported other prestigious sports events, such as:

  • The Piast Race (Bieg Piastów) – for the 41st time the annual Piast race took place in Szklarska Poręba-Jakuszyce – it is the oldest and at the same time the most popular skiing race in Poland, in which nearly 6000 runners participated. Bieg Piastów is global in nature, contestants from 27 countries from Europe and North America participated,
  • Cavaliada –is a series of International Show Jumping Contests, which enjoy immense popularity among viewers. It is the largest event of its kind in Poland. In 2017 the Bank was the main sponsor of the event which took place in Poznań, Lublin, and the finals of the competition – in Warsaw.
  • Tall Ship Races in Szczecin – one of the largest outdoor events in Poland. In 2017 fine yachts and sailing boats were moored at the representative pier on the Odra river. Over 2 million people participated in the event.

Education, science and innovation

Supporting education and science are natural directions of the Bank’s sponsorship activities, in which it cooperates with universities, colleges and schools throughout Poland. Key projects relate to promoting the exact sciences (mainly mathematics and economics) and educational projects aimed at developing entrepreneurship and promoting innovation.

Important projects in this area comprise:

  • Contest about Poland and the Modern World organized by the University of Warsaw;
  • Polish Academic Championships in Team Programming, organized by the University of Wrocław;
  • Ekonomia na Bank (Banking on Economics), project carried out by the Silesian University in Katowice with the participation of the Bank’s experts, expanding young people’s knowledge of economics, finance and banking;
  • Silesian Festival of Science constituting demonstrations, presentations, experience in all areas, prepared by the Silesian University and all the Silesian higher education institutions.
  • Partnership cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics, and support for projects realized by the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University.

Projects aimed at building awareness of the huge potential of startups and coaching of the most promising young entrepreneurs, such as Startup Weekend Warsaw, HackYeah, the acceleration program MassChallenge and Acceleration Program MIT Enterprise Forum Poland, which unites the potential of novice creative entrepreneurs with the infrastructure, experience and resources of large companies, are also important.

In 2017 the Bank sponsored many educational projects addressed to young students. These initiatives promoted creativity, entrepreneurship, mathematics and the economy. The most important of these include: “Decius’ Ducats” in Kraków, Mathematical Conference for the Young TriMAT in Tricity, Warmia and Masuria Mathematical Competition organized by the Ambassador of School Inventiveness organized by the Warmia and Masuria University in Olsztyn, Colourful University organized by the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and the Bydgoszcz Science Festival organized by the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz.

Obcjectives and principles of Charity activities

The PKO Bank Polski Foundation conducts its activities for the public good on behalf of the Bank and the Group. In accordance with the accepted course of action, the main objective of the tasks performed by the Foundation is to substantively and financially support projects of importance to the development of Poland, implemented for and in consultation with the local communities, serving the purpose of building a civic society.

The scope of the Foundation’s activities is specified in the Foundation’s Statutes, while the principles of cooperation between the Bank and the Foundation are governed by the agreement concluded on 22 May 2015. Grants awarded by the Bank based on the resolutions of the Management Board constituted the main source of financing of the Foundation’s statutory objectives in 2017. Additional funds donated to the Foundation came from the profit generated in non-cash transactions conducted by Inteligo’s customers related to the affinity type card: Dobro procentuje [Good pays dividends].

Programme areas

In 2017, the Foundation received 1,176 applications for granting monetary donations for social activities. 513 projects were approved. The donation is transferred under a donation agreement concluded by and between the Foundation and the project partner.

The Foundation also transfers substantive donations to non-governmental organizations, in the form of IT hardware and furniture withdrawn from use from various banking units. In 2017, a substantive donation in the form of computers was provided to 11 organizations, while furniture was transferred to 84 beneficiaries.

Struktura budżetu charytatywnego Fundacji PKO Banku Polskiego w podziale na obszary programowe w 2017 r.

Obszar programowyUdział w budżecie ogółem (%)

The Foundation’s activities for the public good include education, upbringing, social welfare, healthcare and health promotion, culture and art, environmental protection and supporting the development of local communities.
The Foundation substantively and financially supports the projects of many environments and communities of importance to the development of Poland and the civic society.

The subsidized initiatives fall into one of the Foundation’s seven programme areas:

Education – support of science and education

This area includes science and education, in which the Foundation becomes involved in projects that have a real impact on social development. The Foundation works, among others, with the Siemacha Association, and supports the Academy of Modern Patriotism and the Jan Łukasiewicz Centre of Strategic Solutions.


The Foundation’s activities in this area focus on popularizing and supporting initiatives that consolidate national awareness, support the development of national heritage and develop civic attitudes. The Foundation works, among others, with the Warsaw Uprising Museum, and is involved in helping the charges of the Warsaw Uprising Association.


The Foundation provides social welfare to people under threat of exclusion, in particular victims and the disabled. While performing its tasks in this area, the Foundation works, among others, with the Disabled Drivers Help Association “SPiNKa” and the “Równy Start” [Equal Start] Association of the Disabled.


This area includes protection of life and health, as well as health prophylaxis. The Foundation financially supports both rehabilitation and specialized operations of sick and needy people.


The Foundation’s activities in this area focus on the protection of national heritage in the area of culture and art, as well as the support of artistic creativity. The Foundation is involved, among others, in the organization of open air events and promotes the work of young artists. These have included students of the Kraków and Szczecin Academies of Fine Arts.


The Foundation undertakes social initiatives intended to disseminate knowledge of environmental protection. The most important pro-ecological activities in 2017, in which the Foundation was involved, include events related to the Vistula Year – the project of the Rok Rzeki Wisły [Year of the Vistula] Foundation.


Activities in this area have the objective of encouraging physical activity. Projects implemented in 2017 in this area included purchase of a boxing ring for a school sports club in Masuria, the support of swimming competitions for families of the Family Cup in Pisz and the Indoor Football Tournament for the Orphanage in Radzymin.

Own projects

The Foundation also implements its own projects, including:

  • Integration Santa Clause Meetings for the charges of the care and upbringing centres and the children of the Bank’s employees (6,150 children took part in group Christmas fun in 2017 at 36 meetings in 22 towns in Poland. Gifts were also sent to 28 care and upbringing centres);
  • the Banking Honorary Blood Donation Campaign, the objective of which is to raise further generations of honorary blood donors (more than 2,000 people joined the campaign in 2017, thanks to whom nearly 830 litres of blood were provided to the needy);
  • a charity running campaign “I run for ...” (98 events were organized in 2017, collecting PLN 1.33 million, from which 199 beneficiaries benefited, including 90 children and 29 adults. A total of 322 such events have been conducted since the start of the programme, i.e. since 2013, with over 124k people taking part, while the Foundation supported 354 beneficiaries with more the PLN 4.5 million).
  • PKO Charity Run (6,401 people took part in the third Charity Run in 2017. As a result, the Foundation donated PLN 845,800 to 12 organizations: care and upbringing centres for children and youths, as well as single mothers’ homes).

The development of a volunteering service

The Bank encourages its employees to become involved in work for local communities. At the end of 2017, it had 1,365 registered volunteers. Volunteers not only join the projects initiated by the Foundation, but often initiate them themselves (e.g., food collection for selected organizations (foundations / associations) in individual regions of Poland, renovation of the flat of a participant of the Warsaw Uprising, Zofia Brączek, pseudonym “Renia”, as well as an event named “Donate your time to a senior citizen” involving spending time with the charges of old people’s homes).

Charity activities of the PKO Bank Polski SA Foundation

Objectives of the Foundation

Logo Fundacji PKO

The aim of the PKO Bank Polski Foundation (Foundation) is to strengthen customer relationships, understood as co-financing projects aimed at building social solidarity. The Foundation sees the common good in building a civic society and participates in social projects, often initiated by the employees of the Bank – Volunteers, technically and financially supports the projects of numerous circles and communities that are important for the development of Poland.

Charity impacts the formation of the image of PKO Bank Polski SA as a socially-responsible business. The support provided by the Foundation contributes to building strong relationships between the Bank and the environment and strengthening mutual trust.

Activities of the Foundation

The main source of financing the Foundation are donations from the Founder. Additional funds for charitable purposes are transferred based on other agreements and derived from the profit generated on non-cash transactions concluded by the customers of Inteligo and associated with the affinity card: ‘Goodness brings profit’ (‘Dobro procentuje’) (since 2013). PKO Bank Polski SA shares the profit from each non-cash transaction concluded using the charity card.

In the seven years from the start of its operations, the Foundation has earmarked more than PLN 92.5 million for social activities. Subsidized initiatives are part of one of the seven programme areas: EDUCATION, TRADITION, HOPE, HEALTH, CULTURE, ECOLOGY and SPORT.

In 2017 the Foundation transferred PLN 12.7 million to finance 90 strategic projects, including nine special strategic projects (which did not require engaging in a partnership with an external organization), e.g. the Banking Blood Donation Action, Integration Meetings with Santa, “Buckles and Buttons with a Rusted Eagle”. The Foundation makes every effort to ensure that the strategic projects evolve and reach as many beneficiaries as possible.

In partnership at the local level the Foundation transferred PLN 3.5 million for the completion of 292 projects. At local level, a special project, the PKO Charity Run, was conducted for the third time. As in 2016, the project took place in 12 stadiums throughout Poland at the same time.

At the individual level aid was offered to 119 people, both children and adults, under the PKO Charity Runs – a special project of the Foundation. The support offered exceeded PLN 1.3 million.

The Foundation is also a go-between in the transfer of tangible donations in the form of IT equipment and furniture which are branches of PKO Bank Polski SA cease to use. In 2017 computers with a total value exceeding PLN 17 thousand were sent to 11 organizations. Furniture with a value of nearly PLN 88 thousand was offered to 84 beneficiaries.

Foundation's involvment in the completion of projects in particular program areas (budget share)

Corporate volunteering

Since 2013 the Corporate Volunteering system has been functioning in the Bank and 1,365 active Voluntaries are registered. These persons may suggest their own local or individual social projects. Cooperation between the Foundation and the Volunteers is aimed at verifying the reliability of the proposer and building relations between the Bank and the local community. Additionally, all Volunteers may register their extra-banking engagement, sharing good practices and inform the Foundation of local initiatives that are worth supporting.

Concern for Polish art
history and tradition

No Title, 1997

Krzysztof Bednarski Sculpture, bronze
Dimensions: 166x28x27cm

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Sounds V, 1994

Jan Dobkowski Painting, acryl/canvas
Dimensions: 120x160cm

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No Title, 1997

Tomasz Ciecierski Painting, oil, collage/canvas
Dimensions: 171,5x244cm

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No Title, Fish 1992

Ryszard Grzyb Painting, oil/canvas
Dimensions: 140x80cm

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Under the hill, 1991

Łukasz Korolkiewicz Painting, oil/canvas
Dimensions: 136x200cm

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The roofs 1, 1990/91

Robert Maciejuk Painting, oil/canvas
Dimensions: 116x138cm

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Diary No. 87c, 1997

Włodzimierz Pawlak Painting, oil, pencil/canvas
Dimensions: 24x18cm

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Franz Kafka's letters to Felice Bauer, before 1998

Andrzej Szewczyk Sculpture, own technique, wood, lead
Dimensions: 40x17,5x4cm

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