As at 31 December 2017, the employment in the PKO Bank Polski SA Group was 28,443 FTEs, which means a drop by 721 FTEs y/y (including a drop in employment in the Bank by 842 FTEs, mainly in the retail network, together with an increase of employment in companies by 121 FTEs, among other things as a result of the acquisition of KBC TFI and Net Fund Administration Sp. z o.o.).

Employment in the PKO Bank Polski Group SA (FTEs) 

In 2017, employment contracts were terminated by the Bank for reasons not attributable to employees, with respect to 771.6 FTE.

Employment restructuring was carried out, in particular, for the following reasons:

  • reorganization in respect of the allocation of tasks to the units;
  • higher effectiveness of the Bank employees;
  • universalization of positions;
  • changing the typology of branches;
  • centralization of the tasks which were conducted in field offices.

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group employs 28.7k employees (28.4k full-time equivalents, FTE). The Bank’s employees (24.7k people) constitute a substantial proportion of the Group’s employment (86%). The largest age group in both the Group and the Bank are 35–45-year-olds (34%). In the Group, employees aged 55+ accounted for over 11% of all employees; at the Bank, this percentage was even higher: almost 13%.

The employment contract was the main form of employment both in the Capital Group and at the Bank. People working on the basis of civil-law contracts constituted less than 14% of people employed in the Group on employment contracts and civil law contracts jointly. This percentage was even smaller at the Bank: less than 11%.

In 2017, the level of employment in the Group was reduced by more than 800 people (i.e. by less than 3%). This decrease arose entirely from the decline in the number of employees at the Bank (by over 800 people, namely by over 3%). The departures applied to women to a relatively greater extent, which was related to the liquidation of some of the Bank’s branches. The fluctuation rate in the Group was 16.9% and was slightly lower for women than for men. The fluctuation rate in 2017 for the Bank’s employees was 15.3% and was similar for women and men.

The Group employed 277 disabled people, which constituted 1% of all employees. Out of this number, 211 disabled people were employees of the Bank; disabled people accounted for 0.9% of total employment at the Bank.

Employment at the Group, including at the Bank (31/12/2017)

 GROUPincluding the BANK
 Totalshare of women (%)Totalshare of women (%)
Number of people28 67375,024 65276,7
Number of people in FTEs28 38875,124 53976,7

Note: The employment data does not include members of the Management Boards of the Group’s entities.

Employment structure at the Group, including the Bank, by sex and age (31/12/2017)

 <25 years25–35 years35–45 years45–55 years55–65 years>65 yearsTotal
Total employees 1,0537,5129,6627,1463,2366428,673
share of the total number of employees (%)3.826.433.724.711.20.2100.0
  share of the total number of women (%)3.724.932.026.512.80.1100.0
  share of the total number of men (%)4.130.938.819.26.30.6100.0
including the BANK
Total employees7625,7708,2906,6823,0895924,652
share of the total number of employees (%)3.123.433.627.112.50.2100.0
  share of the total number of women (%)2.921.931.829.014.20.1100.0
  share of the total number of men (%)3.628.239.720.86.90.7100.0


Note: The employment data does not include members of the Management Boards of the Group’s entities.

Civil law contracts at the Group, including at the Bank (2017)

GROUPincluding the BANK
Number of civil law contracts4,6472,990
  compared to total employment and civil law contracts (%)13.810.8

Note: The employment data does not include members of the Management Boards of the Group’s entities. 2 The number for civil law contracts reflects the total number throughout 2017; the number for employment contracts is as of 31/12/2017.

Staff turnover in the Group, including at the Bank (2017)

 GROUPincluding the BANK
Totalshare of women (%)Totalshare of women (%)
Newly recruited employees  
  Number of people4,14571.23,08072.5
  Number of people in FTEs3,83171.63,03972.7
Employees who have left   
  Number of people4,97174.13,90977.7
  Number of people in FTEs4,71675.43,87777.8
Balance sheet  
  Number of people-826--829-
  Number of people in FTEs-886--837-
Fluctuation rate (%)  

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