Health and safety at work (HSW)

HSW organization and strategy

The HSW Service at the Bank has been organized as an HSW Office, consisting of regional teams, supporting all units of the Bank’s branches throughout the country. The Bank’s branches located abroad have their own HSW service and act in accordance with the law which is applicable to the place where they are located.

The strategy of the HSW Office is based on preventive action by visiting facilities and monitoring the working conditions on an ongoing basis. An important tool in the monitoring process is having a risk assessment at the work post for 100% of employees at the Bank. Any defects or threats that are noticed are removed by the administrative services as they arise.

The Bank applies broadly understood accident prevention. The Bank’s employees have regular HSW training, which also includes first aid instruction. The training scenario positively contributes to building awareness of the safe conduct of employees at the work place. However, road traffic accidents are an important cause of accidents, over which the Bank has no particular influence, as they often arise from circumstances over which the employee has no control. Prophylaxis in this area boils down to additional tests for people driving company cars and referring employees to supplementary training on safe driving.  

The Group’s HSW policy has not been formulated at the Bank. The Group’s entities perform HSW tasks in accordance with the current provisions of the law. These provisions are so clear that, in fact, it means applying the same HSW rules throughout the whole of the Group. Companies located outside Poland operate under the rules which apply to the country in which the entity was registered.


None of the establishments of the Bank or the Group’s entities carries a high occupational risk related to the work performed. The accident rate is at a negligible level of 0.004%, which proves the effectiveness of accident prevention.
The occupational risk assessment encompassed 91.93% of positions in the Group and 100% of the positions at the Bank. Among the positions assessed, there are no positions for which the level of occupational risk is high and actions to reduce it would be necessary.

Health and Safety at Work indicators in the Group, including at the Bank in 2017

IndicatorGROUPincluding the BANK
Number of accidents at work

including those which are equivalent to accidents at work
116 overall

108 excluding events which were not recognized as an accident at work.
103 overall

95 excluding events which were not recognized as an accident at work.
Accident frequency index

(accidents at work per 1,000 employees).
4.00 (i.e. 0.004% of employees)

3.72 (i.e. 0.0038% of employees) taking into account events not considered an accident 
4.18 (i.e. 0.0042% of employees)

3.85 (i.e. 0.0039% of employees) taking into account events not considered an accident
Number of fatal accidents1  (traffic accident). 0
List of the most common causes of accidents at work1. surprised by an unexpected event
2. insufficient attention
3. traffic accident
1. surprised by an unexpected event
2. insufficient attention
3. tripping/slipping
Number of cases of occupational diseases reported00
Share of positions for which an occupational risk assessment has been prepared 91.93% of positions100% of positions
Number of employees working in positions where the level of occupational risk assessed is high0

(of 91.93% of positions assessed for occupational risk)

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